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phil070909122527_726The inventor of the XPT, Brady Poppinga, is an NFL veteran, who had a successful 8-year NFL career. He started off his career playing with the Green Bay Packers from 2005 – 2010. While with the Packers he won a number of division titles, and a Super Bowl Championship. In 2011 he played with the St. Louis Rams and then he finished off his career in 2012 with the Dallas Cowboys.

Since the age of 5 Brady has lifted free weights from one degree to another. He first began weight training at the Rec Center his father operated. As he became more focused on his ambitions to be a football player, he then began to more seriously train with free weights. Throughout his time of lifting free weights he experienced a number of accidents that lead to injury. In an attempt to “train safer” he tried a Smith machine to only come to find out that it limited not only his movement patterns but also the ability to optimally build muscle. Those experiences lead him on a path of finding a way to combine the safety element of machines and the long list of benefits that comes from lifting with free weights.

After 30 years of experiencing both the benefits and drawbacks of training with free weights, he joined up with Tuff Stuff Fitness International in bringing to market his unique design that has successfully combined the highest level of safety with the benefits of lifting with free weights called the XPT. The easy to use machine is designed for all ages and fitness levels. It is meant to be a non-intimidating free weight lifting environment to broaden the access of those many benefits that come from training with free weights.


Tuff Stuff has been manufacturing top-of-the-line fitness equipment in their State of the art US-based factory for over 40 years. Over those 40 years they have built a vast international network of distributors covering the globe. Their product support is second to none because of all of the major fitness equipment manufacturers, they are the only one to have a manufacturing facility in the United States of America.